Our History

Tradition meets innovation

A family who believes in dreams

Ancona, September 1885. The air is still warm and the sun, though not as intense as it is in August, can still warm up goldsmith Attilio Giorgetti's shoulders, while he's opening for the the first time ever the doors of his shop in via Degli Orefici, 1. Maybe he's a bit worried now after throwing himself into this adventure, after all running a business is not an easy thing.

Attilio firmly believes in his dreams, he is following his passion, so satisfaction and confidence are stronger than any othwer feeling.

The sun and the september sea breeze bring him good luck and, since its opening, Giorgetti Jewellery has been a popular name, and a highty appreciated one in the city of Ancona.

Let’s, however, proceed gradually, we want to tell you the story of how the store, over time, has developed and how it still operates its business. It is not so obvious for a father to successfully pass a family business down to his children. But in this case Aldo and Alberto are excited abour inheriting a store that their father started on his own and they want to honour his efforts.

The wind of change

In 1919 Alberto, then in his early 20’s, replaced his father and decided to add watches to the Jewellery's product range, previously focused only on gold and silver jewelry. When, in order to give prestige to Giorgetti Jewellery, Aldo decided to open a store also at n.29, Corso Garibaldi, the family business grew larger in the best area of Ancona: a much more representative, popular and elegant one.

We all know that change is necessary to progress. In 1971 Attilio, Alberto's son, after acquiring the full ownership of the Jewellery, finally closed the old store in via degli Orefici, that had been running for almost a century. It was a difficult decision to make, but also a courageous and forward-looking one.

It marked an important stage for the Giorgetti's family but there was still a long way to go. The Jewellery managed to mantain its usual and loyal customers, but the new Corso Garibaldi windows, displaying watches and jewels, also caused an increase in sales.

Attilio, who in the meantime had made his store famous for its service quality, passed the store management responsibility down to his son Claudio, who was in turn determined to make it a landmark of luxury in the Marche region. This is how in the 1990's the Giorgetti family proved their ability of keeping up with the times and not lagging behind.

The experience and fineness acquired over the years paid the Giorgetti family back and contributed in a relevant way to success and dissemination of corporate values: exclusivity, tradition, innovation and reliability.

The beginning of a new era

Dedication to customers and professional ethics are the strenghts of Giorgetti Jewellery, as well as pluses recognized by territory.

The year 2000 marks the date when the Jewellery welcomed the modern age, still continuing to respect those fundamental values that have guided the work of the family through the years. Such important principles are renewed by the new generation, represented by Alberto and Alessandro, who are still moving towards new horizons alongside their father Claudio.

From now on, the challenges posed by market are hard, and it is in times like these that it is possible to understand how solid a business is.

Right now, as you are reading this story while sipping a cup of jasmin tea, enjoying its fragrant flower scent, a handcraft-digital revolution in under way in the family-run business. What does this mean? These are not just big words used to confuse you, it is the combination of two concepts that express the effort of the new generation. The creative journey undertaken by the Giorgetti family becomes more and more well constructed and complete. Alessandro obtains a degree in goldsmithing and in 2001 he opens Giorgetti Laboratory, where he can provide excellent handcrafted creations with a clean design and a "Made in Italy" allure.

The aesthetic value and the quality of handcrafted jewels are based on the respect of tradition, on the ability of building dreams and also on communicative skills.

Even with Social Networks, Alberto succeeds in conveying Giorgetti Jewellery's values, thanks to his natural communication drive. Italian creativity combined with a global attitude inspires the Giorgetti family to open a temporary store in Amsterdam, from 2007 to 2010.

Giorgetti Jewellery is synonym for elegance and reliability but, more importantly, over the years it has acquired the ability of reinventing itself. Just like jewels, which need to renew themselves in order to keep up with the changes in society.

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